Flapdoodles Ice Cream Truck

We are thrilled to announce the roll out of our vintage ice cream truck this summer!   The primary location of our truck will be in downtown Rochester during the day, Monday thru Friday.  The truck will also be making some occasional appearances open to the public such as food truck rallies and fairs – we will be promoting these events on our Facebook page.

We do not have any immediate plans to use the ice cream truck for private events such as graduation parties and weddings.  However, we do offer several self-catering options as detailed below.

Three Options to Self-Cater your next event with Flapdoodles Ice Cream

New item
Purchase 6 Quart Bulk Containers
  • $40 per container plus $5 refundable deposit for tub/lid.
  • Serves about 25 regular or 40 kid scoops per container.
New item
Purchase Pre-Scooped Ice Cream Cups with Lids
  • Regular scoops: $2.50 per cup
  • Kids scoops: $1.75 per cup
New item
Purchase 6 Quart Containers and Rent Catering Equipment
  • Insulated carrier and dry ice (provided) allows for hours of continuous catering.
  • Each carrier holds two 6 quart containers (refer to option one for pricing).
  • Dry Ice / Equipment Rental Fee is $30 per carrier.