Self Catering

Three Options to Self-Cater your next event with Flapdoodles Ice Cream

ice cream catering equipment

Rent Catering Equipment

  • Insulated carrier and dry ice (provided) allows for hours of continuous catering.
  • Each carrier holds two 6 quart containers (refer to option one for pricing).
  • Dry Ice / Equipment Rental Fee is $30 per carrier.

6 Quart Bulk Containers

  • $50 per container.
  • Serves about 25 regular or 40 kid scoops per container.
  • cups sold at cost upon request
prescooped ice cream with a lid

Pre-Scooped Ice Cream Cups with Lids

  • Regular scoops: $3.00 per cup (25 minimum)


  • Kids scoops: $2.00 per cup
    (40 minimum)