Win Free Ice Cream, a Flapdoodles T-Shirt, and Instant Fame!

We need your help coming up with clever, nonsensical, and original names for some of our fabulous ice cream flavors. If we choose your idea, you’ll receive one free pint of ice cream each month for a year, a cool Flapdoodles t-shirt, and public recognition of your contribution (don’t worry, no pictures will be taken).

Who knows, you may even have a brilliant idea for a new flavor as well.

Here are some examples:

  • Rocky Road (chocolate with marshmallows): Don’t Marsh my Mellow
  • Cake Batter: Bowl Lickers Delight
Win Free Ice Cream
Select “New Flavor” to submit a new flavor and corresponding name
If you have a new flavor idea, let us know.
A clever, nonsensical, and original name for one of our ice cream flavors or for one of your own original ice cream flavors